Cardio Training at Tokyo Gym

Rev your heart rate for better fitness!

Step it up!

When you have a goal in mind — and you’re ready to get to work — make it happen with cardio training at our Tokyo gym.

For a great aerobic workout that burns fat and blasts calories, we have plenty of machines ready for your use. You’ll never have to wait to enjoy our fleet of bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, and stair steppers!

Group exercise too

If group energy is what you need to stay motivated, Club Name also offers group fitness classes that will rev your heart rate for real results. Zumba, cycling, and boot camp are just a few of the classes we offer for amazing aerobic exercise.

Just click on the class schedule and find a group to workout with. You’ll get fit and have fun — all at the same time! We also offer personal and small group training to help you achieve a results-filled cardio workout.

Fire up your fitness! Try cardio training at Club Name, the best gym in Tokyo.