Circuit training at Tokyo gym

30-minute full body workout!

Calories gone fast!

Fire up your metabolism with circuit training at our gym in Tokyo! With timed stations that alternate between strength and cardio exercise, there’s very little rest in between tasks. You’ll rev your heart rate and challenge your muscles for greater calorie burn, even after your workout is over.

You'll see results!

By keeping your metabolism fooled, you’ll keep it working hard; and a metabolism that’s working means that you’re more likely to keep burning fat. As circuit training keeps you moving between cardio and strength exercises, you’ll keep your metabolism revved up and doing its job.

Circuit training takes a fraction of the time as a regular workout routine, usually 30 minutes to complete, so you can quickly move on to other areas of our Tokyo gym — or head back to work with renewed energy and focus.

For that added boost to your workout, try circuit training. Try it out!