Pedal Your Way to Fitness!

Cycling Group Classes in Tokyo

Indoor Cycling is Great, Low Impact Exercise

Cycling is a great form of exercise for both aerobics and strengthening. It’s easy on the joints and you can pedal at your own pace. The best part about cycling is the indoor studio at our gym in Tokyo. The summer heat won’t matter – and neither will the humidity, wind or rain.

Burn Calories & Blast Fat!

Cycling is easy on the joints. Pedaling does not require jarring, impactful movements, and it helps loosen stiff muscles and joints. That’s one reason cycling is a great activity for older adults; it increases mobility for stiff hips and knees, and it keeps muscles flexible and limber.

Try an indoor cycling class at our Tokyo gym — or exercise on your own on our fleet of cycles in the cardio studio. Either way, you’ll rev your heart rate for increased calorie burn, toned muscles, and improved mood.

Stop in today and take us for a spin!